July 26, 2009

My First Music Concert








July 16, 2009

Nia Long is RIGHT!

Nia Long is right!

Beyonce can't act for $#!T...

Just coz you can sing,

doesn't mean you can act!

Why don't you go sit down,

and give movies to talented actresses!

First things, first: I'm not a Nia Long fan and I don't hate Beyonce.

But there are a lot of good, better yet, great actresses out there.

Let me see....from the top of my head, I can name at least 10, yes 10, better actresses that can blow Beyonce's horrible performances out of the water.

  1. Kerry Washington,
  2. Kimberly Elise,
  3. Vivica A. Fox,
  4. Jada Pinkett-Smith,
  5. Gabrielle Union,
  6. Sanaa Lathan,
  7. Elise Neal,
  8. Jurnee Smollett,
  9. Meagan Goode,
and last but not least Queen Latifah! (But let's not forget the TRULY TALENTED GREATs like Angela Bassett, Alfre Woodard, Regina King, Halle Berry....but let's be real, Beyonce is no where close to taking money out of their pockets!)

You want me to keep going? Because I'm definitely able to! LOL

I can't stand when celebs think they can do anything just because they have enough fans to support them.

It's bad enough that these fools -- excuse me, fans -- encourage celebs to dabble in everything they can get their hands on but COME ON!

How many movies have they put Beyonce in when they could have hired one of the better actresses listed above? She's been in more than 8 movies and I think the only one she did any justice in was Cadillac Records . It almost made up for all the other crap she tried to force feed us with....

Beyonce, from one black woman to another, please get some acting lessons before you accept any more movie or tv roles. I love your songs, fashion sense, dancing, and music but please for the love of Pete, have your hubby or father pay for some acting lessons!

BTW - I know it's a recession and all but if you'd like, you could even ask your "cousin" Kelly Rowland for some cues.