February 25, 2010


Written by Patti Woosley

When you marry a Tiger
You gotta love stripes
Cause it’s his stripes you will see
when you climb into bed very night
No, you won’t ever change ‘em
no matter how hard you try
and your Tiger will have stripes
till the day that he dies

But if you married a Leopard
He will always have spots
So you had just better learn
to love what you’ve got
Cause you won’t ever change ‘em
no matter how hard you try
and your Leopard will stay spotted
Why would you ask why?

If you fantasize a soft kitten
curling up in your lap
the Porcupine you married
Will never do that
But if you try to change him
you surely will cry
So love your little Porcupine
and kiss the fantasy goodbye

Stop always wanting
What he ain’t got
and stop trying to change him
into something he’s not
Just be sure that you love him
the way that he tis
Tiger, Leopard, or Porcupine
He is, what he is.


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February 24, 2010


I think I might be obsessed with working out!

That being said, I think if different parts of my body could walk off, I'd be left with my....hmmm....I don't think I'd be left with anything at all! LOL

The reason for always being in pain is mostly due to being 27 years old and never feeling comfortable or fit enough to wear a 2-piece bathing suit. I've always been on the thin side but would always wear a long t-shirt and shorts to the beach. The few times that I did wear something appropriate, I kept myself wrapped in a towel.

This year, I plan to wear a bikini for the first time, hence my obsession with working out.

My desired routine:
  • Sunday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Monday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Tuesday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Wednesday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Thursday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Friday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
  • Saturday : aerobics, abs, arms, and butt
My actual routine:
  • Sunday : aerobics, arms, and some more aerobics
  • Monday : abs and arms
  • Tuesday : abs and arms
  • Wednesday : abs and arms
  • Thursday : abs and arms
  • Friday : abs and arms
  • Saturday : aerobics and arms
My lazy routine:
  • Sunday : arms and abs
  • Monday : arms and 20 crunches
  • Tuesday :
  • Wednesday :
  • Thursday : arms
  • Friday :
  • Saturday : arms and abs
Some weeks, I even forget to work out! LOL

Posted 3 comparison pics below...

Back in high school

Was a cheerleader for 4 years so I worked out 5x a day. Sometimes even twice a day.

~ * ~

This is summer '09 (sucking it in)

I was running in Prospect Park 2x a week;
aerobics 3x a week; and ab and butt workouts 5x a week.

~ * ~

2/4/10 (with help from a girdle)

This is after a 2 mth break.
Didn't see the point of working out after stuffing my face during Thanksgiving week.
This is the BEST I've ever looked (since high school anyway).

Slowly but surely I'm getting there but is it all worth it?
Will I buy a new swimsuit and wear it proudly on the beach?
Will I ever be "fit enough"?
I'll keep you updated.

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Smart, Pretty, and Awkward

There is this awesome site called Smart, Pretty, and Awkward which I read twice a week. With every post, the blogger shares a quote and gives great advice. IMO she compiles some of the greatest quotes. Below is a sample of some of my favorites.

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall;
we just assume it’s addressed to someone else” - Ivern Ball

"There is so much good in the worst of us,
and so much bad in the best of us,
that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us." - James Truslow Adams

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa

“Progress always involves risk;
you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first base” - Frederick Wilcox

“A man’s gotta make at least one bet a day,
else he could be walking around lucky and never know it” - Jim Jones

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather
the judgment that something else is more important than fear." - Ambrose Redmoon

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover,
instead of creating the perfect love” - Tom Robbins

“FEAR is an acronym in the English language for
‘False Evidence Appearing Real’” - Neale Donald Walsch

“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness,
not because they never found it,
but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it” — William Feather

“Just because somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to,
doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they got” –Author Unknown

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February 5, 2010

Birthday Pics

I said I'd post pics from my bday. Here they are:

On my bday @ Red Lobster (2/7/10)

Love making faces! LOL
Taking the candle out of my bday ice cream.

Enjoying my ice cream!
Random Fact - My left hand, unlike my right, is double jointed.
Always looks weird in pics lol

Taking pics in a bar.

My outfit for church (2/7/10)

As you can see, it looks like I've been losing a lot of weight. Not really though; just a lot of body fat. I'm trying to get toned for the summer.

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February 1, 2010

Movie List - 1/2010

Movie List - 1/2010


Knowing - 6/10 (Not bad, but not very good either.)
World's Greatest Dad - 7/10 (Recommended)
Capers/The Brooklyn Heist - 7/10 (Add an extra point if you're a Brooklynite!)
Benji Brown: In Touch with Reality - 7/10 (Mostly recycled jokes.)
Pandorum - 7/10
Fast and Furious - 6/10
Inkheart - 6/10
A Day in the Life - 7/10 (Recommended for fans of Hip-Hop.)
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself - 8/10
Mama's Boy - 6/10 (AKA Napoleon Dynamite 2)
Irreversible - 8/10 (Recommended)
The Bucket List - 7/10
Garden State - 6/10
(500) Days of Summer - 8/10 (Loved it!)

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My 2010 bday

I turn 27 on Thursday and I can't wait!

Haven't been this excited about a birthday since....since...hmmmm

Like I mentioned to my twitter tweeple: 21 was awesome; 23 was nice; 25 was kewl, but I'm way TOO excited about 27.

  • Maybe it's because I didn't celebrate 26, one of my fav numbers, so I can really go crazy this year.
  • Maybe it's because I had my first "drunk girl" experience on Friday, which took a lot of weight off of my shoulders.
  • Maybe it's because I had to be carried out of the club, put in a cab, and carried all the way to my bed, all while enjoying every single minute of it! :0)
  • Maybe it's because on Friday I didn't know I was even celebrating my bday until I started doing things I can't even begin to write or talk about! O_o
  • Maybe it's because for the first time EVER I didn't think, and just did whatever I wanted to without having to consider if it was lady- or Christian-like.
- or -

Maybe it's because I bought a brand new F-me dress with matching F-me boots! LOL


Either way I can't wait! :0) I'll post some pics up from my birthday dinner on Friday.

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