February 1, 2010

My 2010 bday

I turn 27 on Thursday and I can't wait!

Haven't been this excited about a birthday since....since...hmmmm

Like I mentioned to my twitter tweeple: 21 was awesome; 23 was nice; 25 was kewl, but I'm way TOO excited about 27.

  • Maybe it's because I didn't celebrate 26, one of my fav numbers, so I can really go crazy this year.
  • Maybe it's because I had my first "drunk girl" experience on Friday, which took a lot of weight off of my shoulders.
  • Maybe it's because I had to be carried out of the club, put in a cab, and carried all the way to my bed, all while enjoying every single minute of it! :0)
  • Maybe it's because on Friday I didn't know I was even celebrating my bday until I started doing things I can't even begin to write or talk about! O_o
  • Maybe it's because for the first time EVER I didn't think, and just did whatever I wanted to without having to consider if it was lady- or Christian-like.
- or -

Maybe it's because I bought a brand new F-me dress with matching F-me boots! LOL


Either way I can't wait! :0) I'll post some pics up from my birthday dinner on Friday.

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THE 78' MS. J said...

Lawd these good people just don't know about the rockstar behavior going on behind the scenes lol, luv it, live it, enjoy it you only get one go around!

M3RLz said...

Thanks hun! You only turn 25, for the 3rd time, once! LOL