January 31, 2010

Comedy Show 2

Went to see a comedy show earlier today. Had a good time. There was a 2 drink minimum so I didn't catch any names. The only one I knew about before getting there was Sherrod. If anyone can help me out with the names, please feel free!

Here's what I managed to scribble down on a coaster:
  • Gary "Veter"
  • Ardley "faquoi"
  • Grant Gordon
  • Jay "Oaklander"
  • Sherrod Smalls

Two out of five isn't bad right? I also went a little overboard since I decided to start celebrating my birthday early.

Two drinks at the comedy show, 
followed by one really potent Long Island Ice Tea 
ends with my friend and my sister helping me up the stairs, then letting me fall into "something" before placing me in a cab.

Still don't remember what happened! LMBO

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