November 2, 2009

Halloween 2K9

My mother is the most religious person I've ever met. That being said, Halloween is very much frowned upon. It is "forbidden" to dress up (unless it was required, like when I was in elementary and would dress up as a witch) and especially to go trick-or-treating. Every year it's the same thing: "Not in my house!".

My mom doesn't even answer the door when people ring the doorbell or knock and she's waiting for the day someone gets the nerve to egg the place!

But guess who participated for the first time in 26 years?

It was only because she wasn't home. Not trying to bite the hand that feeds me! LOL

I learned from the comedian Sinbad that if I'm gonna get in trouble, I might as well make the best of it! Guess who I went as? Get ready for it!


I loved it! My costume consisted of this:

+ A low-cut Top

= A Horny Chick
(Get it?!?! LOL)

Here are the pics:

Do you see how low the cut is? smh lol

I changed the color to match the outfit!

I hate beer but I had to take a pic with one!

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