January 15, 2015

I. Am. Antisocial.

Yesterday, the highlight of my day was spending 14 hours listening to Spotify. Before then, I knew absolutely nothing about this amazing website! All these years wasted on Pandora, listening to the same songs over and over. Oh the agony!

- Cue the violins -

Why didn't anyone tell me?! Where have I been all these years?!

No seriously. What the heck?

Why didn't I know anything about Spotify? It came out in 2008 for Pete's Sake!

I feel like that kid who discovered a fantasy world in a wardrobe. Do you know how awesome of a discovery this is for an anti-social introvert?!  Have I not mentioned this before?  Wasn't it obvious with all of the movie postings? Maybe I need to elaborate.

My name is MღRlz. I am (mostly) an anti-social introvert, who loves to lock herself away from the world, with nothing but her thoughts and music. And sometimes food. But sometimes I couldn't care less but that in itself is a thesaurus-sized chapter for another day... In 2007, I evolved into an avid movie fan. And then I became movie obsessed. That's worse than an addict, right? Anywho, I can go a whole day without any human interaction. A whole week without knowing what is going on on the other side of the door. A month without the depressing, sometimes barbaric news stories. Truth be told: I haven't watched the news in over a decade. I get all of my information from social media. Maybe I should keep that last part to myself. I like my geographically, culturally, and politically diverse group of  "friends" because they keep me informed on real news-worthy info. Not the stories reported by "neutral" and "unbiased" news outlets.

A small peek at the madness that is MღRlz.

Back to my new discovery. I enjoy listening to music with my eyes closed. So that means that yesterday I spent 14 hours in bed. Well, not in bed. You can now judge me. Although, I don't see it as laziness. I did not "waste" half of a day. I actually cleared my schedule and avoided everyone and everything specifically to do absolutely nothing.

I've been anti-social for a majority of my life. Especially after realizing that people drain me so much so that I have to isolate myself and recharge.

Are the violins still playing?

Why am I getting so personal?

Who's reading this anyway? If you're read this, comment below.

Guess who's currently listening to throwback hits from the early 2000s on Spotify, while writing this post? C'est moi! It's been 3 hours, with a lot of dance breaks.

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