February 14, 2009

Fav ice cream flavor

If I were exiled to an island, one mandatory food request would be cookies n cream ice cream!

I don't remember when I first tried it but ever since it happened, it's been my favorite flavor...

I'll try rum raisin, butter pecan, cookie dough, and others but NOTHING can top eating Oreo cookies.

I've been called different names throughout my lifetime but one that I agree wholeheartedly with is fat-ass. Won't even make any excuses. Out of the seven deadly sins, I would definitely be labeled a glutton.

So without further ado,

Hi my name is M3RLz and I'm addicted to food.


Here's a cool fact:

In 1983, Cookies 'N Cream, made with real Oreo cookies,
became an instant hit, climbing to number five on the list
of best-selling ice cream flavors.
It also holds the distinction of being the fastest growing new flavor in the
history of the ice cream industry.

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