October 1, 2009

Movie List - 09/2009

I'm going to start a new category called: Monthly Movie List.
Since I watch so many movies, I'm going to start posting a monthly movie list of movies watched during a particular month. Each movie will be rated, using imdb's method, from 1 (worst movie ever) to 10 (best thing since sliced bread).

Now there will be some favoritism; movies including Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, and a few others will never be listed under a 5, no matter how horrid! (But let's be serious, they wouldn't ever appear in a crappy movie anyway lol).

Now keep in mind that each movie is rated based on their movie category. For example: "The Marine" is rated 7/10 but had a really crappy script. The 7 pertains to the action sequences, not whether or not it deserves an Oscar! LOL

I definitely want some feedback on movies posted, so please stop being so shy readers!
First up: 09/2009

Movie List - 09/2009

Stay Alive - 7/10
Dead Calm - 7/10
Coraline - 7/10
Fear Dot Com - 4/10
Sin Nombre - 7/10 (Could have been better!)
Tortured - 7/10
The Foot Fist Way - 7/10 (Could have been better!)
Masters of Horror: John Landis: Family - 7/10
The Red Shoes - 6/10 (I have to re-watch this)
Dance Flick - 6/10 (Could have been better!)
Life and Debt - 8/10
Grandma's Boy - 7/10 (Could have been better!)
The Mutant Chronicles - 7/10
Next Day Air - 7/10 (Funny movie; Could have been better!)
Life Is Hot in Cracktown - 7/10
House of Sand and Fog - 8/10
The Deaths of Ian Stone - 6/10
Three... Extremes/Sam gang yi - 6/10
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - 6/10 (Could have been better!)
Observe and Report - 6/10 (It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good either!)
Sex Drive - 8/10
Monsters vs Aliens - 7/10 (Could have been better!)
Miami Vice - 3/10 (It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good either!)

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