March 21, 2009

My new ticker!

So I have a new hair ticker!!!


I decided to stop looking like a Barbie doll and decided to no longer relax (using chemicals to straighten) my hair! So since November 2008, I've been natural (free of chemicals) and LOVING my beautifully natural curls!

Actually I've always wanted to stop relaxing my hair but I thought I wouldn't be able to hide my five-head (four-head w/ extra inches for those of you who don't know lol). Then I started freaking out because I read something about chemicals in the relaxers seeping into the brain after a period of long use. Even if it is false, I'm glad that I jumped off the relaxer/Barbie Doll bandwagon.

So here's my new ticker:

My hair reached down my back (underneath my armpit) in the beginning of November 08.

Then I started chopping off my hair, since I didn't have enough patience to let go through a transition (not relaxing the hair but keeping the relaxed/straight ends).

The pic below is of me at the end of November 08:

My hair started growing quickly! (Jan 31, 09)

For my birthday (2/4/09), I decided to re-cut it and color it.
It came out great!

Then I really became frustrated and chopped it all off!

Which left me looking like this:

Then I chopped off some more:

And then I looked like this:

Well long story short, I would do it all again if I had to. I love the hair that GOD blessed me with!

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