July 1, 2010

The Black Poetry Cafe

There are a lot of status updates on face.book but only one of my friends is always on point. He is an author, poet, spoken word artist, activist, and owner of one of the most recognized names in the poetry site world, THE BLACK POETRY CAFE. I consider him a breath of fresh air and his latest status left me in awe once again:
"Just as a good mother doesn't allow her child to eat the sweet dessert before he gets his nutrients from the main course, a good woman doesn't allow a man to indulge in her sweet lovin' until he gets acquainted with her nutrients in the form of her mind, heart, and soul."
If you liked what you've just read, definitely check out THE BLACK POETRY CAFE.
Better yet, you should join today!

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Mark said...

Wow! Just stumbled upon this...thanx so much sis!...Much-appreciated!