October 19, 2010

"Bet you just can't stop at one..."

I'm kind of addicted to many of the game applications on Facebook. Honestly? You can replace "kind of" with "very". LOL

It's actually not my fault! It started with Mafia Wars, but all of my friends were also playing Farmville and needed more people to join to get more points and rewards. After joining Farmville, I added Cafe World, then Make A Baby, followed by Yoville, Pet Pupz, Family Feud, Treasure Isle, My Tribe, Uno, and finally The Price Is Right. These applications are like gum: the more you try to peel them out of your life, the more stuck you get. Hmmm maybe it's more like glue.... either way, My name is MღRLz and I'm a Facebook application addict. :help:

The reason for this post is because of my recent win on Family Feud, not the real live game, but the Facebook application.

"Congratulations! You won the +500 Points award!
You also won a Over 200 In Fast Money Alone award, a Top Fast Money Answers award, and a Top Game Answers award!! Utterly Amazing!"

If they gave out real awards, I would have definitely won today! No competition! I know I'm such a dweeb! I know, I know!!!!!!! :afro:

Anyway, I managed to get 652 points by myself, then 313 on the Fast Money Round. Is that a new record?
It should be!

Let me break it down for you: During the Fast Money round, you have to answer 5 questions, within 20 seconds. In order for me to get 300+ points, it means that not only did I get every question right, but I also got the #1 answer all 5 times!!! Did your jaw just drop? Because I know mine did!

In any case, I am so proud of myself for achieving this "utterly amazing" score. I'm so awesome! Now bow down to the Family Feud Queen! *pats back*

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*** Update: After months *cough* or years *cough* of being addicted,
I no longer play Yoville, Mafia Wars, Pet Pupz, and My Tribe. I never liked Uno.

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