September 23, 2009

Hair Update - 9.23.09

Since I can't keep my hands out of my hair, I've decided to braid it for 2 months.

I really want to keep it in longer but I have a problem being patient:

  • First Day: I'm bored with it,
  • First Week: I get really, really antsy and want a new style,
  • First month: I'm sick and tired of it and can't wait to take it out!

So in order to keep my hair in this style a little longer, I bought human hair instead of synthetic. Not only does it cost more, but I can wash it as much as I would my regular hair (but I won't).

Anyway, here's some new pics from the first day.

Tried to channel Ms Wendy Williams, "How you doing?"
but ended up with a duck face instead. (LOL)

Ignore the curtains, the braces, and the scared look on my face!

More pics soon! :0)

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Tatyanna Newton said...

What type of human hair did you use for your twists?

MღRLz said...

Sorry, I just saw this. I don't remember the type, just that it's human hair. Probably $10-$20 a pack.