September 9, 2009

Tyra/Natural Hair

It seems like all of the hair blogs I'm subscribed to, have been buzzing about what former model and tv host Tyra Banks meant when she stated that she was "going to only wear [her] natural hair". Here's a comment I posted on one of those blogs: 

I think that most people didn't understand what Tyra was saying. When she said that she was going natural in those articles, she continued by saying that she was no longer going to wear weaves, wigs, or hair pieces.

I guess people, like you, were too LAZY to do your research and gather all the information, or didn't read the FULL articles surrounding this whole "natural hair" thing.

I'm completely natural, but not everyone needs to be! Just because someone is still chemically treating their hair doesn't mean that they're wrong. This post sounds like you're attacking her just because she's not really [all] natural. I feel like you're looking down upon her because she is still perming her hair. That's the same as people with relaxers trying to make you feel bad about not perming your hair.

BTW - I'm a HUGE Tyra fan but I didn't watch that episode because I knew before hand what it was really about! :0) Because I like to get my facts straight BEFORE attacking someone.

That was my social worker response, minus the comments that were crossed out.

Like I mentioned before, I'm a big Tyra fan and I don't appreciate people attacking her because of her hair.  I think she's gorgegous however her hair is styled. Don't knock weaves and wigs.  They are good for changing up your every day look.

I guess she felt like she was lied to but what's the point of attacking her anyway? She's not going to read your comments. She's too busy living it up with her millions of dollars. Right? LOL You think she cares what YOU think? Please....

Anyway, that's my two cents. What do you think?

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