December 1, 2009


That is the original post I submitted to Do any of my wonderful subscribers/readers have any advice to give me?

Today, I used amla for the first time. Been hearing great things about it and wanted to try it out since henna didn't work for me (it made my hair very very dry and hard).

I went to different sources and was told to mix it with EVOO and an oil. The only oil I had was coconut so that's what I used. I left it in for 45mins and washed it out with Dr Bronners. It was a DISASTER! My hair was hard, dry, and HARD!!!

Then I DT'd with an egg & mayo since my hair loves protein but I was told that protein only makes it worse!

To make matters worse, my 4A pen spring/spiral curls loc'd up! I almost passed out!!! After a few minutes of shock, I decided that if I couldn't get my hair right, I was gonna HAVE to put a relaxer in!

I used a mix of water, castor oil, & cantu's leave-in (which always make my hair soft & manageable) and used my fake denman brush. Thank GOD it worked!

Even though my hair hated the amla, my curl pattern looks TERRIFIC! Sorry for the long post, but what did I do wrong?

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