December 3, 2009


Since my BC (big cut for the newbies), I didn't have enough hair to twist into a style. After every wash/co-wash, I would try twisting to help my hair dry faster and they would always come out.

Well 6 months later, I've finally achieved the look I was going for!

I had used Amla in my hair for the first time but it was a disaster. (Click her for the story)
I thought the quick-fix would last until the next day, but after I took my hair down,
it was almost just as hard and dry as the day before. I ran out to my nearest beauty supply store, and purchased Elasta QP and a few other items. I let the Elasta QP sit in my hair for an hour & co-washed with Suave Naturals and HEHH. My hair felt soft and manageable & smelled great!

I left a bit of Suave Naturals & HEHH in my hair but then I used KC Knot Today as a leave-in and castor oil to seal all the moisture in, before I began twisting my hair. All of this took 3 hours. I know it seems long but I did all this while watching the movie "Narc" & plus I had to stop for a dinner break. :0)

To maintain my cute twists, I sprayed my hair with Natural Hold Locking Spray. I'm gonna leave the twists in until Sunday morning and probably wear a twist-out for church.

This question is for my natural divas: how long did it take you to get a great twist-out?

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