March 10, 2010

Venting - Updated

Sometimes it feels like my family is purposely trying to sabotage my life! SMH

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I've been having a severe problem with hair dryness. No matter how many deep treatments I do, my ends remain rough, hard, and tangled. Now that I've hit my 9th month mark, I decided that if I haven't resolved the problem after all this time, I'm just going to chop it all off.

Problem is, I would lose almost 2-3 inches of hair. O_o

I can't see my whole head to get the full picture and calculate the severity that I am dealing with, so last night I asked my sister to do it. She stated that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Tonight rolls around and I asked her again but after her incessant complaining, I asked my mom to do it.

My mom hates my hair. When I first cut it off she called me all sorts of names and made me feel like I had made the worse choice in my life. I even wrote a blog about it here.

Fast forward to the present, she's trying to accept it but still thinks my hair is "nappy, wild, and uncontrollable."

My sister kept stalling, so I had no choice but to call my mom for help. I could consider going to a salon, but my last experience makes me nervous to even step foot in any salon!

For some weird reason, my mom couldn't understand what I was asking her to do. I asked my sister to explain, since my mom obviously never fully understands me unless my sister clarifies or translates or whatever she does once I leave the room in frustration. Then I heard the comment that could send almost every natural person over the edge:

"You said cut off all the rough parts.
All of it feels rough to me!"

....I literally lost it!!!!!!!!!! Never ever utter those words to me with a pair of scissors in your hand! Or in the midst of cutting my hair off!

My hair is my crown and after going natural, I think of it as my baby. I was at a lost for words for the rest of the night. If ever there was a moment I wanted to scream for all of Brooklyn, NY to hear me, that would have been it. There was hair all over the floor, so I couldn't tell if it was split ends or just "rough" hair.

Once again, I reminded her of what I wanted, then continued to instruct my mom to not cut my hair evenly since my hair is currently layered, thanks to the idiot from the salon. It felt like forever, but eventually she was done.



I refused to even look at my hair until the next day. I was so flustered, I couldn't even be bothered.

Here is a pic of the hair she cut off after we were all on the same page:

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