June 1, 2009

Final BC/First Day Experience

Three is my favorite number and every time I have to do something more than once, I'll make sure to stop at three. That being said, I'm done chopping my hair off! Now the only time I will pick up a pair of scissors will be to trim my hair.

Took the weave out on May 27,09. So now it was time to finally get over my fear of change and "rock" my natural hair. It was all fun and games until it ultimately hit me....there was no turning back! I couldn't re-sew my hair on! O_0

I'd never had hair shorter than this:

But when I'm motivated, there's no stopping me!

Following several pep talks, I decided to go outside and show off the new look.

Oh-eM-Gee! I don't think I've ever felt SO uncomfortable in my life! The stares were UNBEARABLE! It got to the point where I just kept waiting for someone to point and laugh.

After that horrible four hours, I decided that I could NOT and would NOT ever do it again! If I was going outside, I would wear either a hat, hood, scarf, or SOMETHING. I didn't care if it was 100+ degrees outside, my hair wouldn't EVER make another appearance!

Being a very shy person, I should have prepared myself for the inevitable but I didn't so all of the staring made me panic in a way I hadn't before.

But then something happened!

I was explaining the whole ordeal to my little sister, when my mom entered the room. She stood between us, turned to me, and said, "I TOLD YOU! I told you that you looked ugly and that NO man would even look your way anymore! YOU LOOK LIKE A BOY! Go get your hair braided, STUPID!"


What's that saying...something about the comfort of home?! As if I wasn't down in the dumps already?

Well long story short, my mom broke the little spirit I had left. My sister and a few friends tried to mend it but they could not succeed. I didn't leave the house for a week and when I had to go to church, I threw on a wig. It was hot and uncomfortable and I had to be in the sun for 5+ hours but I didn't care.

I mean what female in their right mind would want to step out looking like an ugly boy?


sewdope said...

wow i am so sorry to hear about your family experience. i get the same from my grandparents. they are always commenting that my hair looks nappy and messy but after a while you get tougher skin and you just ignore the comments. i've been sporting my twa for 6 months now and i love every minute of it. peoples stares at first use to bother me but now i soak in all of the attention. :) you'll grow into your new look and you won't look back! good luck and keep rocking your TWA mama! (btw, my hair started out at about 2 inches. it's not 6 months later and my hair is 5 inches long stretched! wowsers! stay encouraged!)

M3RLz said...

Thanks sewdope. That was a while ago but now I'm in love with my hair! Ur hair looks great!