June 16, 2009


Almost every one on this hair blog I visit daily have been going on and on about Henna and how great it is. I'm a PJ, which is short for product junkie, a person who buys a lot of products every chance they get, so I had to buy some and try it out.

I ordered it from Henna For Hair since they listed all of these qualities for using henna:

- Absolutely no chemicals;
- Can be used by almost everyone without drastic side-effects;
- Can be used as a natural conditioner;
- Gives your hair long lasting lustrous shine;
- Gives your hair silky texture

Since I was using it as a conditioner, I had to mix the henna with lemon juice so it would into a paste (like thick mashed potatoes). The mix must be kept overnight so the dye can be released. The next day, I mixed some more lemon juice and then coated my hair with it. I let it sit in for 4 hours and then washed it out.

Hair BEFORE Henna

Hair AFTER Henna

My results:

  • The color was beautiful, but since I didn't dye my hair routinely, it eventually faded.
  • My hair did have a shine to it, but it eventually faded.
  • It did not condition my hair
  • I did not get "silky texture"
  • The dye stained my walls, tub, and shower curtains. Took 1 month of bleaching/washing to come out.
  • The dye would leak when I added anything in liquid form to my hair.
Have you ever used henna on your hair?

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