June 27, 2009

TZ on Michael Jackson

Greetings Laff Lovers,

So it turns out Michael Jackson is dead and the nasty jokes
are already circulating (not that they ever stopped). But me
personally, I feel bad for the poor son of a b***h.

He had a terrible life. He never had a childhood. He never
had a family life. And ever since he was a little kid every-
body he knew fed off of him like leeches. He never had any
normal relationships. How do you think a person like that
would end up? I think we already know.

Was he a bizarre freak? Yes, but you probably wouldn't turn
out any better if the places were reversed. So let's hope
things are better for him in the afterlife.

Speaking of which, did you hear that McDonald's is coming
out with a special meal deal in memory of Michael? It's 50-
year-old meat between a couple of ten-year-old buns.


Source: Laffaday.com

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