July 5, 2012

Curlkit: Month #2 - July

My CurlKit is finally here!!!!! I don't know how they got this box to close. SMH Only problem was that it was so full that my shampoo spilled. Only a little bit so no worries. Smells very good tho :) 

July's Goodies:

Curls In The City 
Sizzle Edition:

  • Ampro Olive Oil Gel (2)
  • Coco Curls Moisturizing Cream
  • November Naturals Coconut Lime Verbena Shea Whip
  • Ur Curly Soya Shampoo
  • Healthy Hair Journey Hydratherma Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning
  • DPL Curl Revitalizer
  • Feng Shui Organics Liquid Diamond Moisturizing Surface Shine
  • Nice & Curly Smooth It Straight

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