April 15, 2010

Weekly Henna Treatment (#2)

After my first awesome experience using henna (click here for the post), I've decided to start using it weekly.

I can already see the difference. This is my hair without any product:

In less than 3 minutes I could already see the henna loosing my curls. This is my hair with henna in it.

This summer, my hair will be reddish-brown. I have only been natural for 11 months, but I've dyed my hair several times and due to the chemicals, I've had to cut almost 2-3 inches of hair off after battling with severe dryness (click here for the post). So for any future dye jobs, I'm only going to use henna.

In order to reach my goal for this summer, I'm going to dye my hair with jamila henna (gives a gorgeous red color) every week for the next 2 months. This is so exciting, especially since I've colored my hair wine red, sun-kissed brown, and dark brown, respectively, before eliminating chemicals and focusing just on henna.

Of course, I will keep you updated with my results.

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